All about Finikia, Oia & Santorini island.

Ananda Vintage is located in the heart of the traditional settlement of Finikia. Finikia is close to the world famous village of Oia and faces the east side of the island. Just a few steps from Ananda Vintage you will find cafés, restaurants, convenience stores and the bus stop. Finikia is frequently connected to the capital of Santorini, Fira throughout the summer and it is about a 15 minutes’ drive away from the village. Below you will read all about the settlement of Finikia, Oia and the things to do in Santorini.

From the Settlement of Finikia…

Finikia is considered among the more serene and traditional villages of the island. Positioned at the entrance of the village of Oia, Finikia is scattered with cave houses with yards and canavas (the typical storage rooms for wine barrels in Santorini). In the center of the village we find the church of Panagia Matrona, one of the most famous churches in Santorini that celebrates on October 20th. This is the biggest religious feast on the island and you will live an amazing experience if you stay in Ananda Vintage around that time. In Finikia you will witness the agricultural side of Santorini as here reside a lot of wine makers and farmers and a stroll at the narrow alleys of the settlement is an experience that will make you feel the true essence of Santorini.

…to Oia village…

The village of Oia, found a few meters after Finikia and Ananda Vintage, is definitely Santorini’s most famous sunset spot and probably the most picturesque village of the island. The breath-taking views to the caldera, the volcano, the sea and the nearby islands, the architecture that combines impressive mansions with elegant cave houses, the plethora of choices for entertainment and shopping and its enchanting aura make Oia a place to love and return. The guests of Ananda Vintage can visit Oia whenever they feel like as it is conveniently close. Among the things do in Oia are strolls to the alleys, visits to the Naval Museum and the galleries, shopping, swimming at the nearby beaches and visiting the Ammoudi bay for a meal with traditional tastes at the seaside tavernas. Some of the island’s most celebrated wineries are also located close to Oia village.

..and the Island of Santorini.

All you have heard about the island of Santorini enter a whole different dimension when you start experiencing the island’s thrills and beauties. The truth is that Santorini is so much more than sunset views to the caldera. Do not miss a thing from the excitement of Santorini; the people of Ananda Vintage will make sure that you enjoy every single moment as they can take care of the details and further arrangements for:

  • Sailing. A cruise around the shores of Santorini is the absolute must-live experience. There are plenty of options available to choose from for a sailing to remember.
  • Wine tours. Do not miss the chance to uncork Santorini’s most delightful tastes with a wine tour to the wineries of the island and enjoy a wine tasting.
  • Sightseeing. Rent a car and explore the history of Santorini with visits to the prehistoric city of Akrotiri, the site of Ancient Thera and stops to the medieval villages of Emporio and Pyrgos.
  • Swimming. The volcanic beaches of Santorini are must-sees; do not miss the Red Beach and the organized beaches of Perivolos, Perissa, Kamari and Vlychada.

For any further assistance do not hesitate to contact the people of Ananda Vintage and enjoy the best of Santorini!

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